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Updated:  22 February 2013 

This It was in 1878 that the Sisters of Charity, from Knowle in Bristol, set up a House of Rest for convalescents in a house on the main road at Plympton.   It had been dedicated to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary and blessed by the Reverend Prynne, the first incumbent of Saint Peter's Church in Plymouth.

The original St Elizabeth House of Rest on the Ridgeway at Plympton, Plymouth

The original Saint Elizabeth House of Rest at Plympton Ridgeway.
From a postcard.

Unfortunately, by the 1920s the traffic using the main road from Exeter to Plymouth was so heavy that it became imperative to find a quieter location.  The Sisters thus acquired Erle Hall, which had previously been the home of the Buller family and was situated away from the main road.  On October 13th 1926 each room in the House was blessed by the then vicar of Saint Peter's Church, the Reverend Hardy, and the chapel dedicated to Saint Elizabeth of Hungary.

Saint Elizabeth's has recently been converted in to a hotel and restaurant.




  Brian Moseley, Plymouth, UK

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