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Created:  26 January 2013 

When Plymouth Joint Services took over operation of motor bus services in and around Plymouth on Thursday October 1st 1942, route 26 ran as follows (see Note B below):

Theatre Royal Athenaeum Place, Lockyer Street, Princess Square, Westwell Street, Bedford Street, Russell Street, York Street, Cobourg Street, Saltash Road, Pennycomequick, Alma Road, Milehouse, Wolseley Road, Beacon Park Road, Beacon Park, Langstone Road, Camilla Terrace, Ham Lane, Chestnut Road, Tor Lane, Hartley, Tavistock Road, Mutley Plain, Tavistock Road, Old Town Street, Basket Street, Westwell Street, Princess Square, Lockyer Street, Theatre Royal Athenaeum Place.

As from Wednesday May 30th 1951, when the service 25 was withdrawn, the 26 was altered to run from the City Centre via Milehouse to Beacon Park only.  [1]

Apparently it was intended to start a new service from the City Centre through Beacon Park, Peverell and Mutley Plain to relieve pressure on routes 30 and 31 and to enable the 36 and 37 to be withdrawn.  [2]

Service 26 ceased entirely as from November 26th 1951.  [3]

Note A:  Wherever possible an exact date of commencement of a service is shown.  However, in a lot of cases no precise date has been recorded so reference will be made to official returns to the Council or other documentary evidence to narrow the date down as much as possible.

Note B:  This gives the roads and streets the service passed through.  A road or street name in brackets indicates that kit has not been confirmed beyond doubt that the road or street was used by buses on this route but it is a "best guess" based on the author's knowledge of the practice at the time.  If it is subsequently confirmed by either documentary or photographic evidence that the road or street was traversed by this service then the brackets will be deleted.

Note C:  Where deviations to the original route are shown they will be from and to a road or street named in the "Original Route" section so that the alteration in route can be easily follow


[1]  Crawley, R J and Simpson, F D, "The Years Between 1909 - 1969: Volume 3: The Story of Western National and Southern National from 1929", Calton Promotions, Exeter, 1990, ISBN 0-9515947-0-2.

[2]  Western Evening Herald, Plymouth, October 5th 1951.

[3]  Plymouth City Council minute number 2999 dated November 12th 1951.

  Brian Moseley, Plymouth, UK

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