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Created:  02 November 2011 

Location of Buckwell Street, Plymouth

In modern Plymouth Buckwell Street runs southwards from Breton Side to Vauxhall Street but before the Second World War it ran from Treville Street (which then incorporated Bilbury Street) to the junction of Whimple Street and Looe Street at the old Guildhall.

Origin of the name, Buckwell Street

Tradition says that the name comes from a public well in the vicinity which the ladies of the Town used to use for washing their clothes in what then passed for bleach, usually ashes, dung or urine. 

Higher Broad Street in 1765.

Buckwell Street in 1765 was known as Higher Broad Street.
It would appear that the well was later used to feed a public conduit.  Worth refers to an entry in "Simon Carswylle's Book" in the municipal records for the year 1493 '.... that Richard Gele ought to repair a conduit in Buckwyllane'  [1].  Buckwell Lane used to run from Buckwell Street to Kinterbury Street.

History of Buckwell Street, Plymouth

What was in 1493 "Buckwell strete"  [1] had become Higher Broad Street by the time Benjamin Donn drew his map of Plymouth in 1765  [2].  It was known as Buckwell Street again by 1820.

Buckwell Street was the boundary between the parishes of Saint Andrew and Charles.


Buckwell Street and surrounding roads.
Buckwell Street ran southwards from Treville Street and the former Bilbury Street to Looe Street.

Some Views of Buckwell Street, Plymouth











Occupants of Buckwell Street, Plymouth

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[2]  Donn, Benjamin, "A Map of the County of Devon 1765", facsimile, Devon and Cornwall Record Society and the University of Exeter, Exeter, 1965.

  Brian Moseley, Plymouth, UK

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