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Updated:  12 April 2011 

Location of Chapel Street, Devonport

Chapel Street, Devonport, ran southwards from Fore Street to the junction with Cumberland Street, Cumberland Road and George Street.

Origin of the name, Chapel Street

A chapel was erected under the authority of a private Act of Parliament obtained in 1769.  It was a chapel-of-ease to the parish church of Stoke Damerel.  The cost was raised by subscription and the Chapel took as its dedication the name of the Lord of the Manor, Saint Aubyn.

Chapel Street, Devonport.


History of Chapel Street, Devonport

Chapel Street did not exist at the time Benjamin Donn made his plan of Dock in 1765.  [1]

The Chapel of Saint Aubyn was completed in 1771 and it assumed that the roadway was constructed at that time.  [2]

In April 1930 Plymouth City Council planned to make Chapel Street one-way in conjunction with Saint Aubyn Street.  [3]

Some Views of Chapel Street, Devonport

Photographs to follow.





Occupants of Chapel Street, Devonport


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[2]  Worth R N, "History of the town and borough of Devonport, sometime Plymouth Dock", William Brendon, Plymouth, 1870.

[3]  Plymouth City Council minute number 2477 dated April 16th 1930.

  Brian Moseley, Plymouth, UK

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